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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  August 20, 2010 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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arizona, police say they wanted to be bonnie and clyde, now they're behind bars. how they were captured. i take solace in the biblical story of david n this case i don't have a slingshot, but i do have the truth on my side. >> former illinois governor rod blagojevich speaks out. and meanwhile, sarah palin is defending dr. laura. she says the radio host has been shackled by people who branded the radio talk show host a racist for her n-word rant. how did sarah palin defend dr. laura? we'll have her in her own words. and five years after hurricane katrina, is new orleans really on the come back? we asked that question to famed director spike lee who has a new documentary coming out next week, my interview with spike in this hour. and two fugitives who compared themselves to bonnie
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and clyde are captured, they led authorities on a three-week nationwide manhunt before they were busted in arizona last night. the fbi and the new mexico state police will let us know what's happening in the case regarding john mcclusky and his fiance/cousin casslyn welch. police say welch helped mcclusky bust out of prison on july 30 and they have been on the run ever since. george lewis joins us from our live burbank studio. there was speculation these two could have made it into canada and they were busted in the same state where he broke out of jail? >> investigators say that's not uncommon in these fugitive situations, these fugitives sometimes circle back to where they started. in this case it was a very smart park ranger in a campground that spotted a suspicious looking vehicle. he called in the license plate number, the license plate
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matched that of a suspicious car in new mexico connected to the murder of a couple from oklahoma connected to mcclusky and welch and the s.w.a.t. teams swooped in and made the arrests. now mcclusky didn't put up any resistance, welch had a handgun in the small of her back, she went to get it but then had second thoughts as she was surrounded by s.w.a.t. team members yelling at her to put down the weapon. so a peaceful surrender here, not exactly like bonnie and clyde who went out in a hail of bullets. >> i'm curious, when these two were arrested and we talked about this earlier, they indicated as you point out, for a gunfight, welch apparently reaching for a gun in her jeans behind her back? >> yeah, and when the officers got the un, one of them said okay be careful, this may be the
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murder weapon, referring to the couple from oklahoma. mcclusky says no, the murder weapon is over there in the tent. so his gun was in the tent. so that may have implicated him in the murder, he may have just fessed up to it. >> we'll have more on what's happening with that situation as well as any charges related to that couple for murder. it is back to the table again for israeli and palestinian leadership who have just agreed to sit down for talks after a two-year stalemate. secretary of state hillary clinton announced just a short time ago that both sides will meet in washington september 1 to resume peace talks. >> the president and i are encouraged by the leadership by prime minister net tanya -- netanyahu and -- living side by side in peace and security. > president obama is on day
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two of his ten-day family vacation in martha's vineyard. mike viqueira is there. george mitchell was asked earlier with secretary clinton, what was the difference in this? what made the difference to break this stalemate? >> reporter: well, you're absolutely right, and of course the white house is attributing it to president obama's as well as george mitchell's efforts. of course george mitchell, the former democratic leader, now the m administration's liaison, bringing them together for direct talks for the first time in almost two years. it will be preceded by a dinner the night before september 1, involving the egyptian president mubarak as well as the king of jordan. these are the two countries that have made peace with israel. the rest of the arab world has
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escalated. the counter terrorism advisor to the president, the white house very eager to let us know that he's here, he's briefing the president on a daily basis, even though we are here in a rather bucolic occasion. but he made it very clear what the stakes were for not only the israelis and palestinians, but the region and this country. >> it is not just in the national security interest of israel and palestine. it's in the national interests of the neighboring states, of lebanon, syria, other arab countries as well with the international community. >> reporter: and george mitchell, of course he was instrumental in bringing together the parties in the northern ireland dispute and he had an interesting quote, tamron. he said, you know, we had 700 bad days of that negotiation and one good day that led to an agreement. now in this case, all the parties involved have begin it
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one year, one year they will sit down for direct talks and if nothing happens at the end of that year, they could make a decision to extend it. but one year. so there may be a lot of differents now, say brennan, hillary rodham clinton and george mitchell, but they say they're confident it can be bridged overtime. >> and the president was outside of a bookstore today? >> reporter: yeah, it so happens it's right across the street here, the president and his two daughters visited a bookstore. the president, we are told purchaseded that new tome from jonathan rancin. the town pretty much went gaga. you see a lot of people outside. there was a young man inside who had a copy of "dreams of my father" the president's book before he became president. now tamron, the president s wait for it, golf, that ee's somethi
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he loves to do. >> you speak of golfing and that area, you and i both know there's a story line out there, it's been discusseded that some weren't happy to see the president in such a luxurious setting, given the economy, any push back on that or any reference at all on that. >> you might be surprised hear, not only this administration, but previous administrations have always been very eager to say that wherever the president goes, that's where the white house s john brennan himself was asked this very question today, described a very robust communications facilities, information moving at the speed of light, saying he has access to the president any time he needs to talk to the president and that the bill burton, the deputy press secretary who conducted the briefing says that the president gets an economic briefing mostly on paper each and every day. in all honesty, this is a working vacation. the president will be out and
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about, golfing, going out for ice cream, things of that nature, and while it's one of the nicer settings that you will find, everybody eager to port y portray. >> you're in a beautiful setting and working hard. >> reporter: notwithstanding my casual dress. >> greatly appreciate it, mike. the wife of the imam planning to -- daysy khan is telling the associated press today that her group is aware of the concerns and is working with american muslim leaders as their project moves forward, but the debate about the location of a center and mosque is still onloonlo ongoing, still the family members of 9/11 victims say it's an appropriate location. take a look at this billboard, it's on i-80 in east texas, a glade water area doctor purchased the billboard
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comparing president obama to cuba's fidel castro. the obama health plan -- website where the sponsor explains his views. well, sarah palin now being criticized by fellow conservatives, some conservatives for defending dr. laura's use of the n-word 11 times during her broadcast. palin tweeted, dr. laura, don't retreat, reload. steps aside because of her first amendment rights ceased to exist thanks to active it ises trying to silence, isn't that america not fair. dr. laura, even more powerful and effective without the shackles. so watch out constitutional obstructionists and be thankful for her voice, america. joining me now, dee nelson who works to get african-american republican officials elected. thank you for joining us. >> thanks, tamron, great the be
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here. >> so what's your take on sarah palin defending dr. laura's n-word rant. >> well, first of all, just because somebody has the first amendment right doesn't make it right. i was extremely disappointed in governor palin's support for dr. laura. so for us at the frederick douglas foundation, we're trying to encourage african-americans to look closely at the republican party as a viable option and sarah palin's comments are out of line, distasteful and should be condemned by all americans. >> have you heard that from several people or a few? i have to be honest, i got a tweet today regarding this. an individual said, well, how many african-american republicans are there to be upset about it? how do you respond to that? >> well there are millions of african-americans who are republicans and there are a host of people, but it's not only african-americans who are upset about this, sarah palin hasn't had a very good month.
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earlier this month she actually offended a host of conservatives when she endorsed a prorepublican candidate in georgia who was a benefactor to the abortion industry, so i think if she wants to think about her political future, she should do a little bit better job of staying in contact with her base and messaging a little bit better to the community she wants to get support from. >> i know you're the vice chairman of this organization, so you're not a psychologist, i don't believe, but when you read someone's words or you hear someone's words, you wonder what their motive is. for sarah palin to say dr. laura don't retreat, reload, how do you interpret that. >> i'm not quite sure what she meant by that, but i know in the media, that type of language is inflammatory and destructive. my hope is that just as dr. laura apologized for her comments, sarah palin would do the same. >> have you reached out to sarah
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palin for an apology? >> there's an event coming up soon that she and i will be a part of and i'm hoping we will have an opportunity to discuss this and some of the other issues that are important. >> do you plan to approach her and talk with her abt your feelings and how the others that you have spoken to feel about dr. laura? >> i think sarah palin did a good job as governor, but when she makes statements like this, it does not serve to do us well as african-american republicans and really it's not good discourse really for any of those political officials who have a desire to run for office. i certainly will have a discussion with her if she's open and hopefully she'll moderate her comments for the ne future. >> we'll see if she retreats or as you put it reloads. rod blagojevich is blasting prosecutors since being act quitted on 23 out of 24 counts
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of corruptation. blag go spoke skooufl with meredith have year are. and the former governor had of course some of that colorful commentary. >> the very thing they're charging me with, they got to charge themselves with and they ought to have an additional count of hypocrisy. >> i take solace in the biblical story of david, in this case i don't have a slingshot, but i do have the truth on myside. >> i have always had a deep abiding faith in god and praise god and certainly thank her for her good judgment. >> are you going to do another reality show? >> if the opportunities are there, i will certainly take a look at it of course. >> blago says he engaged in political horse trading and if he's guilty then every politician is guilty of it as well. the search for a missing pregnant woman. did trudy hall have more than one husband and does that play a role in this investigation?
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also the top races for governor, nbc's read of the states where a party is likely to win or lose. and later spike lee on his new documentary about the recovery in the gulf five years after hurricane katrina. this is msnbc. i do like cool jams. it says you're not real. [ growls ] sorry. it says mackenzie ellerd got that exact same dress. [ screams ] it says it's the second switch. alright. [ switch clicks ] [ whistles and clapping ] [ male announcer ] at&t feels everyone should have access on the go, so we're making mobile broadband more affordable. introducing new smartphone data plans starting at only $15. at&t. rethink possible.
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welcome back. today the white house once again condemned the decision to release the condemned lockerbie bomber who was freed from a scottish prison a year ago today and received a hero's welcome when he arrived back in libya. he was released on so-called humanitarian grounds, he had just three months to live or so the reports indicated.
2:18 pm
hillary clinton released a statement that said we maintain that al-megrahi should serve out the entirety of his sentence. however families of some of the 270 bombing victims including 189 americans are still as you can imagine, frustrated at the u.s. government's response, bert amorman who lost his brother spoke today on msnbc. >> when i met with president bush, he said if this is traced to state sponsored terrorism he would -- they tried to open up passports for business pen for oil. then had to watch bush's son, bush 43 and blair welcome gadhafi back into the international community. there hasn't been a more background, democratic or republican in 21 years.
2:19 pm
nationally syndicated radio talk show host, michael smerconish, he said i can understand when looking for justice, and with that comment from mr. am moreman, he spreads his anger across. he i was just mad and wants justice here. >> only have the compassionate relief and left unsaid is the man is still alive, right? so here come this document request that was put forth by four members of the u.s. senate, both senators from new york and both senators from new jersey which is the liest level of concentration of those american victims and having read the request they have put forth, they want all sorts of information, specifically the medical records. what appears to have happened here is that the four specialists involved with al-megrahi's care weren't consulted in this process and instead a junior physician gave the go ahead.
2:20 pm
you see whether bp played a role, the second thing that's going on is a request for documents that has put forth to the brits as well, to the uk, because there's a reason to believe that there was a deal made with the united states that megrahi would serve the entire term a minuimum of 27 years. >> when we see the new prime minister david cameron here he said it was wrong and was not part of the decision condemned it then and now he says, but, he is unwilling to open the floodgates as requested by these senators. >> and that was the request that was put forth, it was to cameron and they use those same words with him. you're the one who said and offered that quote. i don't know what the net effect will be because i find it real hard to believe that megrahi
2:21 pm
will be sent to any prison. >> it seems as if -- where can these families go or what really can be done at this point. >> unfortunately, darn little, bow you hope at least you get the full story so there's a spotlight on it so we get some straight answers as to whether oil played a part in this. >> the moderator of "meet the press" will be here tonight 5:00 and 7:00. new court documents are released in the death of a college lacrosse player who was allegedly killed by her ex-boyfriend, what they reveal about this turbulent relationship. if you fight to sleep in the middle of the night,
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welcome back, in some of the key governor's races, msnbc has it's top ten states where a party is likely to win or lose control of the governor's mansion. and the outcome of some of these races could have a big impact on the 2012 political election. mark, let's launch right in with wyoming. >> wyoming is a state where the current governor is a democrat david freedenthaw. obama who got only 33 percent of the vote in 2008, it's a solidly red state, the likely person who's going to win that is matt meade, he won the republican primary this week, he's a former u.s. state attorney and he would be the clear favorite in this state for a republican pickup. >> next on the list, hawaii.
2:26 pm
. >> hawaii is the exact opposite, hawaii is a solidly blue democratic state. you have the governor and there's a crowded primary that's going to happen on september 18, the democrat will probably win that, neil abercrombie, so it's a republican to democratic switch. >> and as we mentioned, you have a list of ten, but also on this list is iowa. >> iowa's really interesting, we know that is a state that launchlaunch ed barack obama's presidential campaign and his presidential prospects. this is a state where the current democrat is the governor. chuck culver, and he is perhaps the most vulnerable governor that's running for re-election, his numbers are not in good shape and his opponent is the former governor of iowa and he is going into the general election as the clear favorite in this contest and that might be able to help out republican prospects in the hawkeye state
2:27 pm
come 2012. this was a state president obama won in the general election by 10 percentage paints. >> and culver is saying he made some mistakes and he realizes he's in trouble there. >> and it's never a good situation when you're already admitting mistakes that you have made heading into the november and that's why one of many reasons that republicans are probably the favorites in this contest. >> mark murray, nbc news deputy political director, mark, have a great weekend. new orleans five years after hurricane katrina, my conversation with spike lee about his new documentary marking the anniversary. and jennifer anniston coming under fire again this time for using a word that's offensive to people with disabilities and she said it on tv. this is msnbc. ush? appraiser: well you rarely see them in this good of shape. appraiser: for example the fingers are perfect. appraiser: the bird is in mint condition.
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virginia lacrosse star and the man accused of beating her to death. they argued violently the days before her death, nbc's jeff rossen has details. >> hi, tamron, from the very beginning police have said this was a clear cut case of domestic violence, a boyfriend, george huguely, attacking and killing his girlfriend yardly love, both stars on the schools' lacrosse teams over a bad break up and these new court papers just released seems to point to a passionate, turbulent and at times violent relationship. just days before the murder, they had gotten into a fight so bad, so violent that yardly ended up hitting george huguely with her own purse. her items fell out including her camera and her cell phone. she apparently was so scared to go back to huguely's apartment where this incident took place, and this was just days before the murder. she sends her own sorority sister back to retrieve her items.
2:32 pm
that woman was able to retrieve her camera but not her cell phone. they were communicating over e-mail and just saying later she was found dead inside her own apartment, in a pool of blood on her pillow, her right eye was swollen shut, just an awful, awful scene. prosecutors will say he confessed to the crime. he kicked in her door, hit her head repeatedly against the wall. but his defense could truly use in court with a jury the information in these court papers that, look, they had a violent relationship and this was just the continuation of that so we'll see how this all plays out. i'm jeff rossen on the campus of uva, in west virginia. dozens of ill let me immigrants have been arrested from a home in los angeles. police believe the immigrants were being held hostage for
2:33 pm
ransom. we'll get details from randy adler of our nbc station kntv. >> it's hard to believe that 36 people even fit inside this house. i know things seem quiet right now, but that was not the case last night. if you look behind me, you're going to see a sign that says, no trespassing, hoping to keep people from founding out what was happening behind closed doors, that sign didn't work, last night they found 36 illegal immigrants all being held against their will. we're talking about 30 men, five females and one 12-year-old boy. two men have been arrested, a third suspect is on the run. police say that the people that were being held here were being held for ransom. they were tipped off by a phone call late last night from a man inside this house. now those 36 people living inside this tiny house were here for at least a week. the investigation continues throughout the day. we're live here in baldwin park, i'm andy adler, tamron, back to you. overseas pakistan has yes
2:34 pm
and thank you to an offer, $5 million in flood relief from neighboring india. the rare expression of good will comes as pakistan reels from one of the worst natural disasters ever. the two countries have suffered tense relations in the past but pakistan says india's officer to help is highly appreciated. more than 4 million pakistanis are homeless right now after nearly three weeks of devastating floods. and scores of people are still missing and feared dead in china after mudslides. dozens more were killed yesterday when high waters caused a bridge to collapse while a train was crashing. passengers were evacuated just before the train plunges into that water below. and the company that owned the deepwater horizon oil rig is accusing bp of withholding data e hindering its investigation. bp has refused to hand over lab
2:35 pm
tests, operational reports and other data that could help explain why the well it was drilling blew out on april 20, bp dpe nis the accusation. and claims for losses because of the oil disaster will be handled by independent administrator fienberg. he intends to issue emergency checks to people within 24 hours of filing a claim. checks for businesses will be issued within seven days. claims have been filed through november 23. five years ago today, weather forecasters were watching a strong weather system far out in the atlantic ocean. a little more than a week later, that system became the monster we know as hurricane katrina. ♪ and next week, on monday and tuesday, hbo will air spike
2:36 pm
lee's new documentary, "if god is willing and da creek don't rise." his documentary went from hurricane katrina to the bp disaster. i recently spoke with spike lee about new orleans and the city's fight to come back. >> they were on their way back, but this bp thing is knocked them for a loop. and right now, we're in the midst of hurricane season, so the doomsday scenario is a category 3, 4 or 5 hurricane with all this oil. >> how does it feel when you talk to people that say, the way one man put it, i don't know if we're cursed, but we just can't get back here. >> we have to put the people in new orleans, people in louisiana and people in the gulf states in our prayers. these are fellow americans.
2:37 pm
>> why are they so easily forgotten by some? >> it all comes down to geography. it comes down to money, because you got the right zip code, your stuff's going to get on the front page, you're going to have the political clout behind you to protect you to get what you want. >> and you can see more of my interview with spike lee next week as we air special coverage marking the five-year anniversary of hurricane katrina, i will be there in new orleans live anchoring next friday and through the weekend right here on msnbc and also catch spike's new documentary, the follow-up to when the levies broke on hbo. and taking a look at your business headlines, there's mixed news on the labor front, unemployment fell in 18 states and rose in 14 others. and in california, the state has resumed mandatory furlow days. that means nearly 150,000 state
2:38 pm
workers must take off the next two fridays, plus another day this month without pay. and tough financial times are forcing many americans to dip into their retirement savings, a record number of workers made hardship withdrawals from their 401(k)s in the second quarter and the number of people ambassador rowing from their accounts has reached a 10-year high. hollywood darling jennifer anniston was already under fire by some. now she's taking heat for her choice of words during an interview that aired yesterday. "today"'s courtney hazlet is offer so we're getting our scoop from amy palmer. what did she say? >> well, she was on regis and kelley and she was promoting her film "the switch" and we said oh, you play dressup for a living in reference to a photo shoot she did in a fashion magazine and jennifer chose to
2:39 pm
use the word retard to illustrate what she chose to do with her career. obviously this is unacceptable and more than 50 million people are intellectually challenged. >> and who's coming after her? we know that was a cable news personality. who's coming at her this time. >> it's an organization that fight for the rights of people with disabilities and like i said, 5 million people are more are afflicted with this and not to mention the families so it's a gigantic issue. >> as she issued an apology? >> she hasn't said anything, but i would anticipate that she will. >> and who else do you have? >> we have snooki who i tend to report on almost daily now. in last night's episode of jersey shore is the reason that there's so many lesbians coming out is that men treat women so badly. so this is the snooki of the day.
2:40 pm
>> i actually saw that, i didn't want to admit that i saw it. i couldn't sleep last night so it was on and i got sucked. it was interesting that that was her reasoning. the setup was that her boyfriend called her and said that he had slept with another girl. and she went on her tirade. back to jennifer anniston, there's a lot of buzz with this movie the switch. when does it come out? >> it comes out this weekend and it's expected to do well, everyone loves jennifer annis n anniston, she's a big box office draw. he actually steals the film, so this is something to look forward to. >> we have lottery ticket and also piranha 3-d which don't knock because the director james cameron directed piranha 1 when it first came out. >> it's supposed to be pretty campy. >> campy. >> the actress that's in it.
2:41 pm
>> we have elizabeth shoou and she said don't dismiss the movie. >> it's a lot of fun. >> she said that it was a lot of fun. we'll see. i bet a lot of teenager also go to see that. >> absolutely. well, a florida animal shelter is asking for help in treating a cute puppy's rare condition. buckley is 15 weeks old. she's a german shepard puppy. well he's got a digestive problem which limits how much food he can -- he has to stand on his two back feet to get his food to stay down. so the shelter put him in a bucket to keep his front feet up. surgery is very expensive and it's not often done. he's not up for adoption but they are looking for a bigger budget. vice president joe biden and his fiery new speech on the new republican party, it's just something we thought you should
2:42 pm
know. but first, the missions pregnant woman who may have had more than one husband. does it play a role in the investigation in her disappearance? this is msnbc. ndom windstorm. [ grunts ] ♪ i'm a hot babe out jogging. ♪ call me mayhem. [ tires screech ] i'm every reason to have the right insurance. [ tires screech ] but a lot of you are cutting your coverage and leaving yourselves unprotected. so get allstate. you could save money and be better protected from mayhem like me. [ dennis ] mayhem is everywhere. protect yourself. are you in good hands? protect yourself. ♪ savor and explore, a the great indoors ♪ ♪ ♪ friskies indoor delights. ♪ feed the senses. there's oil out there we've got to capture. my job is to hunt it down. i'm fred lemond, and i'm in charge of bp's efforts to remove oil from these waters. bp has taken full responsibility
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a kansas mother is facing numerous child abuse and child endangerment charges after her 6-year-old son was found locked in her attic. 26-year-old rachel perez -- the boy is in critical condition. and police in albany, georgia are looking for two thieves who stole a donation jar filled with money intended to help a blind child get an eye operation. security video from the tire store shows the suspects walking inside, then on their way out, the second man grabs the jar of money. the manager chased the two, but couldn't catch up with him. the manager says there was about
2:46 pm
$140 in that jar. and in today's true crime, it's been nearly a month since a pregnant woman from nantucket disappeared. trudy hall was reported missing july 28. she went to cape cod to the doctor and stayed overnight with a man. official documents show hall married two men last year, neither was the father of her unborn child. david lore is the criminalologist for aol. thank you for joining us. tell us a little bit more about what you've been able to uncover regarding trudy hall and the marriages the two of them last year, and is it relevant to this investigation and her disappearance? >> well, we feel it's a highly relevant, i mean it's such a bizarre case, because here you have a 23-year-old woman who not only was married to one man, but it turns out she was married to another man and had a child with yet a third man, so it's quite a
2:47 pm
twisted little tale. >> is the inference that she was married to both these men at the same time? or she was married to one and then the other? >> probate records show that she married two men in 2009 rouchly six months apart and there's no records of course showing that she had divorceded either man. she had in fact scheduled an appointment to meet with a divorce attorney, but at this point, it remains unclear which of the men she was going to divorce. >> do we know if authorities have talked with these individuals, we know they searched the home of her close friend and they may have been more than just friends, quazelle wilson. wilson is believed to be the father of her baby? >> that's correct, they sunshined his home, they confiscated some vehicles and other items, but right now police aren't commenting on what exactly they have taken or what actually prompted those searches. >> do we know anymore about the
2:48 pm
search for trudy, her mother gave a recent interview and certainly indicated that she's quite worried that her daughter may have been killed. >> yeah, well, you know, according to police sources, three days after she went missing, her rental car was found abandoned at a nearby rest area, police sources say there was blood and bullet fragments found inside that vehicle, we spoke with the district attorney's office yesterday and they wouldn't confirm nor deny that. but, you know, it's certainly very telling that there could be foul play here. >> and what about the report that hall's roommate ramal, i believe was the last name, that there was an alleged immigration scam? >> she's come forward and alleged that rahm ramal, one of the men trudy was married to actually paid her $20,000 to marry him as part of an immigration scam, but at this
2:49 pm
point, authorities aren't commenting on that, so we don't know if that's true or not. >> david lore, true crime writer for aol news, thank you, david for your time. the president on vacation, what he picked up at a bookstore on martha's vineyard, and it's just something we thought you should know, next. [ female announcer ] eyes feeling overworked? discover visine® tired eye relief with hydroblend™, only from visine®. just one drop instantly soothes and revives tired, overworked eyes. and comforts them for up to ten hours. visine® tired eye relief.
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welcome back, a lot of you sent some interesting tweets through this hour, this one is from dawn hijack. he responds to the story of sarah palin defending dr. laura and her n-word rant. he said sarah palin defends the use of the nord to an african-american woman, use the r-word and she if see defends your right to do so. there's a lot going on today, here are some things we thought you should know. president obama popped into a vineyard in a massachusetts
2:53 pm
bookstore this afternoon and picked up the book "freedom" by best selling author jonathan franzen. and never shy with his words, vice president joe biden is calling out the republican party, speaking to a meeting of the democratic national committee, biden called today's republicans extremists. >> i'm going to get in trouble for saying this, donna, this ain't your father's republican party. this is the republican tea party. >> as politicians point fingers, some good news for washington, the capitol ranks seconds on a new list of the nation's most honest cities. even new yorkers were found to be 89% honest. the results are from a readers digest experiment. i was trying to see where my home state of texas ranked. those are the things we thought you should know today. and that wraps up this hour, i'm tamron hall, thanks so much for joining me, join me at 11:00 and 2:00 p.m. eastern.
2:54 pm
a big souhout out for the executive producer of the show. she's having a baby shower today. chris jansing picks up things next.
2:55 pm
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2:57 pm
bonnie and clyde, caught and headed to court, how one smart park ranger put on end to a cross country man hunt and crime spree. creepy, crawly and on the move,
2:58 pm
bed bugs are starting to take up residence in office buildings across the country. learn how to defend yourself. plus this, gladiators, a new football league that encourages players to punch each other in the face. sit a great idea? or the end of civilization as we know it. hello, everyone, i'm chris jansing at msnbc world headquarters in new york. the modern day bonnie and clyde captured at an arizona camp site last night will make their first appearance in court in just two hours. john mcclusky and casslyn welch, his fiance who just happens to be his cousin. they hadn't been spotted since the sighting on august 6 in billings, montana. last night it appeared the trail had gone cold, except one diligent forest ranger found the couple hiding at a camp site.
2:59 pm
we don't know the identity of that ranger yet, but the sheriff's office called him a hero. >> he is a true hero, he made that contact, he was diligent about it. he was out there doing his job. when he seen these two fugitives that's when he tipped off. >> george, as i understand it, the woman at least was armed at the time that authorities arrived? >> yeah, she had a handgun in the small of her back and she made a move to go for it and then had second thoughts when she was surrounded by swathe officers pointing her automatic weapons at her, so she dropped the weapon and surrendered. then the officer said be careful with that weapon, it might be the murder weapon, referring to the murder of a couple from oklahoma whose bodies were found in new mexico and mcclusky says, that's not the murder weapon, the murder


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